Graduation Gifts from Our Dean
2019-06-06 16:06:54
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June is the time when graduates don caps and gowns to celebrate their achievements and bid farewell to their universities before they embark on a new journey in their life. At each year's commencement, PHBS Dean Wen Hai gave students a copy of his original calligraphy works as their graduation gift.
Dean's graduation gift for 2019 graduates
This year, he wrote, “Be the doers of the word like water and hold onto the bottom line.” It was accompanied by the image of magnificent rolling mountains painted by him. He said to students that “with vision and grit, you will achieve success!”

Dean's graduation gift for 2018 graduates
In 2018, he wrote “lofty aspiration with modesty and integrity” to express his expectations to the graduates: To be modest, righteous, with lofty aspiration.

Dean's graduation gift for 2017 graduates
On the 2017 "graduation gift", he wrote“care nothing, but spare no efforts,” with the image of Money King (a mythological figure who features in a body of legends, and also in a 2015 Chinese animation film). “Care nothing” means that one is not constrained to tradition, doesn’t mind any gains or losses and has the courage to challenge the authorities.

Here's a video clip about Dean Hai's calligraphy works for students