PHBS Holds its 2020 MA New Year Party
2019-12-31 11:25:00
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Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) held its 2020 New Year Party of master program on December 16. Hundreds of students, alumni and professors gathered to celebrate the achievements of 2019 and welcome the new year.
The opening of 2020 New Year Party

New Year parties play an integral role in both western and eastern cultures. These events provide space to meet friends, and reflect upon our professional and personal life, to celebrate our achievements and learn from our mistakes. It is the time for setting goals and vision for the year to come.

PHBS Dean Hai Wen addresses on the New Year Party
Dean Hai reminded us that year 2019 marked three important anniversaries - 100 years from May Fourth Movement, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 15th anniversary of PHBS. After recalling the prosperous 2019, Dean Hai Wen remarked, " We still need to persevere and pursue excellence in order to forge ahead in the future." He also encouraged students to be more diligent, aim for high and develop a sense of responsibility and obligation to their country and the world.

All I Want for Christmas is Forever Love

It was followed by a string of spectacular performances delivered by students from different classes, including dance crews, singing performances ranging from romantic songs to Chinese rap and entertainment. One of the most applauded performances was a funny puppet gig.

Dance: Wow, We Can Really Dance

Magic Show : WISSH 

Band: Señorita

Class of 2019 donation ceremony 

Prize-presentation to outstanding classes

Prize-presentation to outstanding school  associations

When the dinner started, students and professors wished Happy New Year to each other. The event was a perfect opportunity for the first-year students to socialize with classmates and meet their seniors. And faculty could get to know their students in an informal setting.

The 2020 New Year Party left us with a good feeling of time well-spent with our friends, colleagues and other members of PHBS community. I wish we all take this feeling to 2020 and start the new decade with a smile on our faces, ready to face any challenge and inner capacity for bringing the best of us to the world.
By Robert Bulava