One World One Fight | PHBS Students Worldwide Sing "Imagine" Online
Today is April 8th, 2020

It has been 121 days 

Since the world combated the Coronavirus

49 days since we started the online studying

And it feels like forever 

Since we’ve been in lockdown

In this period of hardship

The power of art is a shed of light

Emotionally and spiritually

To guide us through the darkness

Many years ago 

John Lennon wrote the song Imagine

To describe this Utopia 

without wars and division

But with only peace and love

Today we are in a special war 

against the pandemic

No matter where you are from 

or who you are

We are facing the same enemy

And it takes our joint efforts 

to realize the same goal

The PHBS students from

all around the world

are socially distant

But our hearts have never been closer

And we are still bonding 

through the power of music

So we recorded this song to 

deliver one important message

One world, one fight

One heart, one goal

We hope the song can empower you with comfort and courage

The victory will be ours

And the world will be as one


Many thanks to every participant in this video. 

Your involvement is a great honor to us all.


Source: PHBS Student Union 
Video by Lin Rui, Li Zhuoyao 
copywriter : Chen Xiyang, Lin Rui