News Briefings 2021 Fifth Issue
2022-01-04 14:01:20
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1. PHBS Welcomes New Faculty

Eight new faculty members joined PHBS in the 2021 fall semester. They will bring experience to guide student-centered learning, and engage in high-impact research. The school now has 78 full-time professors with doctoral degrees from leading universities around the world. Since its foundation, PHBS has worked to integrate the best educational resources by attracting talented faculty from home and abroad. With such diversity, PHBS is ready to empower its students to excel inside and outside the classroom and will attract more of the world’s best minds.

2. PHBS Holds 2021 Opening Ceremony

Following orientation activities, PHBS welcomed students at its opening ceremony on September 8. Over 300 full-time masters and Ph.D. students attended the event, which was livestreamed for new international students to watch from their respective countries. The ceremony began with a short film detailing students’ training and outdoor activities, highlighting their memorable experiences and challenges at the camp. Later, having practiced for days, students from PHBS’ s different fields of research were divided into 24 groups to showcase their talent and skills through creative productions, including choreographed performances and choruses.

3. PHBS UK Campus Holds 7th International Young Finance Scholars’ Conference
The PHBS UK Campus held the 7th International Young Finance Scholars’ (IYFS) Conference this summer. Inaugurated in 2014, the conference aims to help young scholars develop the skills needed to publish academic papers and seek employment in the dynamic and challenging environment of financial markets and finance education. This year’s online event featured seven sections with six panels in each section, attracting over 186 young scholars worldwide to present papers and exchange views. There was a record high of submissions from all over the world, making the event truly international. This meeting also allowed the young scholars to gain insights
from leading researchers and editors of key finance journals. Professor Thomas J. Sargent, 2011 Nobel Laureate in Economics and the director of the Sargent Institute of Quantitative Economics and Finance at PHBS, delivered the keynote speech about his ongoing research on the fiscal and monetary policy of the US since its founding, and its impact on the global financial markets under various presidents and global events.

4. PHBS UK Campus Holds the Opening Ceremony and Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

On the mid-autumn afternoon, the PHBS UK Campus had the chance to gather as one family to welcome our new students to the new academic year. All the speakers at the ceremony – faculty, business mentors, and research sponsors – had one take home message for the students: you are here to learn to change the world for the better. The first time gathering as one family since the pandemic began in 2019, it was truly a lovely sight to behold, as everyone interacted with a
respectful social distance and with the eagerness of interacting in-person.

Ranked the 1st in China and 15th worldwide, Peking University is recognized for better preparing PKU students for their future jobs, according to the Global Employability University Ranking and Survey (GEURS). This ranking is designed by HR consultancy Emerging, published exclusively by Times Higher Education, and reveals which universities the recruiters at top companies think are the best at preparing students for the workplace. These 250 universities span 43 countries,
and employers voted for institutions both in their own country and, if they recruit internationally, around the world.

6.Three PHBS Projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China

After a rigorous merit-review, Professor Wang Pengfei has been awarded a National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) grant from the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars for the proposal titled, “Macroeconomics Financial Frictions.” Professor Ma Linlin and postdoctoral fellow Zhang Shuai have been awarded an NSFC grant of the Youth Science Fund Project, for the proposals “Delegated Monitors of Fund Managers: An Empirical Analysis of the Economic Role of Mutual Fund Families” and “Research on the Theoretical Model, Policy
Effect and Optimization Path of the Two-Stage Self-Holding Land Auction System,” respectively.
NSFC funded projects are national high-level academic projects representing the comprehensive
research level and strength of universities and institutions.

7. PHBS Alumni Homecoming Day 2021

PHBS held its homecoming day on November 6, which featured a lecture given by Professor Hai Wen, and various activities arranged by different programs including class reunions, alumni talks, and career forums. Drawn to diverse opportunities, some international alumni are now pursuing careers in China and managed to come back with their families to recall the good old days and share their aspirations for the future. To enhance its alumni network, PHBS holds its annual homecoming every fall semester. Since its establishment, the school has trained thousands of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and top managers.