14 Sep 2011
PHBS Held Its 2011 Opening Ceremony
On 5th September 2011, PHBS held its 2011 opening ceremony at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Internati...
09 Mar 2010
PHSB Students Invited to the Asia-Pacific Economics Science Association
The Asia-Pacific Economics Science Association was held at the University of Melbourne from 18th to 22nd February....
12 Oct 2009
National Day Soirée: Celebrate 60th Anniversary
IN THE evening of 28th Sep, the National Day Soirée for the 60th Anniversary was held in Peking Universit...
25 Sep 2009
Sunshine, Beach and Happy Hours!
It isa once-in-a-year happy hour for PHSB teachers and students when they have fun on the beach in Xichong for the whole day on 17th Sep, 2009 for the wonderful sunshine, blue sky and barbecue party.
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