Established in July 2020, PHBS Think Tank guides and coordinates in an overall manner the works relating to policy research resources at PHBS and is committed to providing high quality advices to policymakers and conducting research on issues on macroeconomics, international trade and investment, financial reform and development, urban development, and sustainable development of the 'Greater Bay Area'. Professor Hai Wen, Dean of Peking University HSBC Business School, is the Director, Professors Ba Shusong, Ren Ting and Wang Pengfei are the Associate Directors, and Professor Cen Wei is the Secretary in General.
Can China have a continued growth in export in the second half of the year?
Abstract: Despite the sharp decline in global economy and trade, China& 39;s export bucked the trend last year an
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Discussion on the future cooperation pattern of Shenzhen and Hong Kong
Abstract: The cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong has a long history From the early After former shop fa
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Shenzhen 2021 Industrial Structure Status and Future Prospects
Abstract: This paper analyzes the current situation of Shenzhen& 39;s industrial structure from both macro and micr
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Economic and Trade Relations between China and ASEAN 2021: Analysis and Forecast
Abstract: Southeast Asia has been an important hub of the Maritime Silk Road since ancient times China has made
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