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The HSBC Financial Research Institute at Peking University

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    HFRI (The HSBC Financial Research Institute at Peking University, abbreviated to HFRI) was founded in December 2008. HFRI receives the support from HSBC Charity Foundation, and is endeavored to facilitate the communication among international and domestic renowned universities, financial research institutions, and famous financial scholars; and provide an open academic and policy communication platform.
    Every year, focusing on those financial questions that China and the world need imminent research, HFRI will organize 8 to 10 research projects, host international academic forums, organize academic seminars, and publish academic works. Via this platform, HFRI tries to improve Chinese financial theory and policy research level, promote academic prosperity and development, strengthen the connection and cooperation with governmental decision-making bodies, provide policy suggestions for government decision-making, and contribute to the international financial system reform and Chinese financial industry’s development.
Vice president of Peking University, Wen Hai, serves as the first Dean of HFRI.  The Executive Dean is Professor Shusong Ba, Chief Economist of the China Banking Association and Chief China Economist of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing House.  
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