PKUGSB Hold Strategic Conference in Hangzhou
2008-05-21 17:05:13
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PKUHSB Strategic Conference, 2008 was held beside the picturesque Lake Xihu, from May 16th to May 18th. Prof. Wen Hai, vice president of Peking Univeristy, Dean of Shenzhen graduate school of business, Prof. Vincent Chang, vice dean of PKUGSB, Prof. Wei Wei, vice dean of PKUGSB, together with all faculty and staffs carried out an active and constructive discussion, focus on the final mission, long-term strategy and teaching specialty of PKUGSB. The meeting was presided by Vincent Chang, and English was chosen as the formal language in the entire discussion.


PKUGSB was established in 2004, and it’s growing rapidly with remarkable achievements. At present, we have 13 full-time professors, 238 full-time students, nearly 300 EDP students. In a short period of 4 years, we have constructed an efficient academic research system, built an applicable education program- the dual master program incorporate with University of Hong Kong, and set up tight connections with financial institutions and corporations, either domestic or abroad. This year, we have our first batch of students would graduate, with amazing careers. 90% of the graduates went to well-known financial institutions both domestic and abroad, with top salary over one million HKD a year. And three students longing for further education got PHD offers from world top universities such as Ohio State University.


Year 2008 is the crucial year for our school to “develop in Shenzhen with national sights”. The conference exactly grasped this opportunity moment. After thorough analysis on the development pass and successful experience of world famous business schools, the meeting defined a long-term mission with a mid-term goal to be achieved in 5 to 15 years, using both objective and strategic sights. PKUGSB will put “education future leaders for China and the world” as its mention, and “becoming first class business school in China in 5 to 10 years and become first class business school in the world in 10 to 15 years” as its goals.


All faculties reached a consensus on the “internationalization of school” during discussion. To promote the internationalization, firstly, based on the existing oral English class and other special program, the school would keep on improving English skills of students, and try to accomplish teaching in 100% English in 2009. Second, PKUGSB would keep on employing faculties from top universities worldwide and inviting visiting scholars from world top business schools. Third, our school would start to matriculate outstanding international students, and promote students internationalization through cross-border communication programs. Forth, our school would continue inspiring faculties and students to publish articles in world first class journals, so that we could improve our research ability. Finally, every faculty presented progress in their researches, and gave suggestions on subject building, course setting, career development and etc.


At the end, Prof. Hai confirmed the progress of the conference. He mentioned, the faculties and staffs are the core pioneers of PKUGSB. So we should devote our full enthusiasm to the building of our school with strong feeling of responsibility. Ps, middle and young teachers should balance their teaching and research and try to achieve progress, earlier and greater.


The strategic conference caused all faculties and staffs achieve a consensus on development strategy. It also brought new requests to middle and young faculties. The successful holding of this conference have caused deep effects on the development of PKUGSB, and it will push forward any project on school building.

Editor: Liang Le