PHBS Holds 2024 Commencement
2024-06-03 09:54:00
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On June 1, the Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) held its 2024 Commencement Ceremony. 701 PhD, MA, MBA, and EMBA program graduates are dressed in caps and gowns, ready to celebrate their achievements and embark on new adventures. School leaders, faculty members, alumni representatives, and guests gathered to share in this special moment and honor the graduates' hard work and dedication.

 2024 commencement

The ceremony started with a video featuring graduates' unforgettable memories and the faculty's best wishes. It was followed by students and graduates singing "Love for PKU" to express their aspirations and responsibilities toward society and the nation.

MA student Yan Yuchen and MBA student Wang Anqi host the commencement

Leaders and faculty enter the auditorium
Speeches on behalf of the 2024 Graduates

MA graduate Lu Wenqi
Lu Wenqi said that the three-year academic journey at PHBS cultivated a profound bond among the students, enriching their professional knowledge, enhancing their comprehensive qualities, broadening their international perspectives, and developing a sense of social responsibility. The school's lifelong impact on its students will remain significant indefinitely. After graduation, the 2024 graduates will uphold responsibility, contribute to national rejuvenation, and boldly embrace the responsibilities of China's modernization.

International graduate Vahan Geghamyan

Vahan Geghamyan, an international student from Armenia, maintained that PHBS could combine the educational strengths of the East and West, offering innovative and comprehensive academic programs. In addition, he noted that his two-year journey at PHBS profoundly transformed him, introducing him to new friendships and cultures and an introspective journey of self-discovery and growth. Embarking on a new phase of his journey, he hoped that the knowledge he gained here could empower him to make achievements he never imagined possible.

MBA graduate Feng Wei
Feng Wei said that studying at PHBS was an unforgettable memory for graduates because they not only gained knowledge and friendships but also learned how to cooperate to face challenges and become excellent leaders. Looking back, he put forward three requirements for himself and shared them with all graduates: First, maintain a spirit of innovation; second, embrace globalization; and third, uphold social responsibility. He called on graduates to bravely face every challenge with what they had learned and thought about at PHBS, seize opportunities, and create brilliant chapters for themselves.

EMBA graduate Li Xiyan
Li Xiyan said that his two-year challenging yet rewarding EMBA study enriched his knowledge and led to self-growth and transformation. This has been a journey of harvest, one that embodies the spirit of "achieving personal growth to serve the greater cause and pursuing dreams for a broader future." He summarized his feelings with "gratitude" and "remembering": gratitude to the school and classmates for their support and remembering his responsibilities. As he embarks on a new journey, he wishes the 2024 graduates to uphold gratitude, responsibilities, and the spirit of personal growth for a broader future. Together, they will face challenges and write brilliant chapters with diligence and wisdom.
Speeches by faculty and guests

 Li Kai, Tenured Associate Professor of PHBS

Professor Li Kai pointed out that graduation is a summary of academic achievements and a celebration of resilience and perseverance. As a senior PKU alumnus, he shared three insights with the graduates: first, stay focused and work hard silently; second, economies have cycles, and life is the same; and finally, love yourself well. He emphasized that life's journey may be swift or slow, but luckily, we are always on the road, and life will naturally lead to the right path. He noted that the strongest navigator was not honed on calm seas but in turbulent waters. He encouraged students to "keep on keeping on, remain unwavering in adversity, and always on the journey!"

Alumni Representative Shi Rui
Shi Rui reminisced about her journey of studying, working, and entrepreneurship. As one of the school's first cohorts, she is grateful for her teachers' profound teachings and expectations, which have been the foundation of her confidence and courage in making life choices. She encouraged graduates to reunite with classmates and revisit their alma mater whenever they feel lost or confused, to regain strength and courage for new adventures. She concluded that teachers' wisdom could remain in our hearts, and that our reunion would come someday.
Christopher Loch, Visiting Professor of PHBS and  Former Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School
Professor Christopher Loch shared three topics with the graduates in Chinese: Firstly, the valuable knowledge learned at PHBS was not only about professional research methods but also about reflections and perspectives on life. Secondly, regard your problem-solving ability as your "core competitiveness," which could profoundly impact the graduates' future career development. Thirdly, while achieving success in one's career, it is also important to positively and profoundly impact the people around you. He emphasized the importance of believing in oneself: although the future may seem unclear at present, one should trust that "there must be a road before the car reaches the mountain." He believed that PHBS graduates have enough potential to seize the opportunity and succeed while hoping they remember to share their success with those around them.
Dean's Message

Speech by Professor Wang Pengfei, Dean of PHBS

Wang Pengfei emphasized that the 20th anniversary of PHBS signifies a major milestone, mirroring the significance of graduation as a life milestone. Thus, he urged graduates to "share dreams with the country and bravely take on responsibilities." His wishes coalesced into three fundamental aspirations: far-sighted planning and perseverance, personal cultivation for excellence, and optimism paired with resilience. The school, he assured, could stand as a steadfast home and backbone for its alumni. He wished the 2024 graduates success in sounding the call of dreams, raising sails for new horizons, and creating a life worthy of their aspirations, the nation, and the times. 

Best wishes to 2024 graduates by Professor Hai Wen, Chairman of PHBS Council and Founding Dean of PHBS

Professor Hai's painting
At the commencement, Professor Hai Wen gave graduates a copy of his painting depicting the wildebeest migration to represent the spirit of "United to Achieve." The wildebeest migration is known as one of the most spectacular animal migrations on Earth, with over 1.5 million wildebeests traveling over 3,000 kilometers every year, migrating back and forth across the grasslands of East Africa. He pointed out that the migration process is arduous, but the species survives and thrives through unity and perseverance. He wished that every PHBS could possess the same spirit as the wildebeest migration, continually achieving new victories on their journey in the future.

Secretary of the Party Committee, Associate Dean of PHBS Professor Ren Ting announces the 2023 PHBS Outstanding Graduates

 Award of certificates to the representatives of outstanding graduates by school leaders, guests, and advisors

Vice Chairman of PHBS Council Professor Chu Chia-Shang,  PHBS Associate Deans Professor Shen Yan, Professor Young Joon Park, and Professor Ouyang Liangyi announce graduates’ names

Professor Hai Wen turns graduates’ tassels

Flash Mob 
After the ceremony, all leaders, guests, mentors, and graduates took a group photo to commemorate this moment. As graduates step into society, they will pursue their dreams in different industries and forge ahead on their respective paths.

Group Photo of all the graduates and faculty

Photo Gallery

Congratulations to the 2024 graduates, and all the best to their future endeavors!
By Annie Jin 
Edited by Donya Mehrabi