PHSB Held Opening Ceremony
2008-09-03 10:20:16
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The Opening Ceremony of PHSB for 2008-2009 was held in the moot court, Building B at 7:00 pm on Sept. 1, 2008 with the attendance of over 130 freshmen and other on-campus students and alumni of 2005. In addition to the presence of the faculty of PHSB, we are proud to have Prof. Song Min and Andrew Carverhill, coming from our partner school HKU.
On the ceremony, the historical news for PKU and PHSB was announced by Dean Hai Wen after watching a short film about the signing ceremony between HSBC and Peking University. Since Aug. 30, our school was officially named HSBC School of Business, which means the further development of internationalization of our school by cooperating with one of the top global commercial bank. Then, Dean Hai Wen delivered a motivational and inspirational speech to encourage the students to pursue academic excellence and foster business capabilities by persistent commitments during the three years on PHSB, contributing to the internationalization of the school.

As the alumni representative, Mr Li Chang shared his experience of studying and working with the students and expressed his gratitude to the teachers. From his emotional speech, the students for one more time were proud of the history of PHSB, short yet full of wonders. On behalf of all freshmen, Liu Shuai extended the excitement of arriving at PHSB and determination by all proper means to become the business leaders after graduation.

The Highlight of the ceremony was the self-introduction by each freshman. They were full of expectations for their life at school as well as in society. From time to time, their words would win the loud applause from the audience.

Editor: Margaret Ye