Participating in Exchange Through the Beijing Campus
2013-11-25 16:45:51
Students that are interested in participating on an exchange program through the main Beijing campus's international relations office are free to do so. In order to transfer credit back students must complete the procedures listed below. Be aware that credit transfer priority is put on PHBS exchange partners, and since we do not have a relationship ourselves with partners through the Beijing campus, we cannot guarantee a credit transfer in all cases. 

1. Complete the following form to declare that you will be participating on an exchange through the main Beijing campus. You must submit this form as early as possible so that you can be notified of course pre-approval deadlines. Application Form for Beijing Campus Exchange

2. Complete a course pre-approval form. Keep in mind that you must be taking graduate level business courses. You may only transfer courses back for elective credit, and only for PHBS credit. This process takes place during the semester before you participate on the exchange. Please visit the page on course pre-approvals here.

3. Before leaving you must complete a Request for Leave form (出访申报表). Visit here for instructions.

4. When you return you must have the host university mail an official copy of your transcript to our office. The school should automatically send a copy to Beijing and to yourself, but we need our own copy. Please do not give us your copy.