Research Institute of Maritime Silk-Road (RIMS)
The Research Institute of Maritime Silk-Road (RIMS) is a new think-tank established by Peking University HSBC Business School. It focuses on China and global development, especially in relation to the Maritime Silk-road development issues, given the enter’s location in China’s southern coastal city of Shenzhen. Aimed to be a top think tank with impact, the mission of RIMS is to provide forward-looking, innovative, and high quality policy research, exchange and training  for governments, businesses, and communities. RIMS will make full use of the local and international networks of Peking University as well as of the Greater Bay Area, focusing particularly on major policy issues related to the GBA, the countries along the Maritime Silk-road, and the issues about China and global development.
The Research Institute of Maritime Silk-road is headed by Professor Geng Xiao. Professor Xiao's research and practice cover many areas of China’s economic reform, including institutions, macro-economic policies, finance, urban development, and Sino-US relations. Previously Professor Xiao served as Vice President of Fung Global Institute, Head of Research and Advisor to Chairman at Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, Director of Columbia University Global Center in Beijing, founding Director of Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy, and Consultant for World Bank and UNDP.