Centre for Business Models Research
Peking University HSBC Business School Centre for Business Models Research was established in 2012 by Professor Wei Wei as the director of the center. Relying on the strong faculty and academic ability of Peking University HSBC Business School, the center combines flourishing private economic power of Shenzhen and Hong Kong to develop business models, promote and apply activities, expand the influence of business models in the field of management research, and make business models play a practical role.

The purpose of the Center is to organize experts and scholars and professionals at home and abroad, to apply a cross-disciplinary approach to establish a standardized research system for business models; to explore the nature, evolution and development trends of business models; to investigate and study the business models of real enterprises, to establish typical case database of enterprise business model; at the same time, the Center's research results are used to help companies re-examine their business models. Through the redesign of business models, enterprises can make better use of their own resources and external environment to gain competitive advantage.

The Center is committed to conducting normative theoretical research on business models; promoting academic exchanges at home and abroad in the business model field; building an open communication platform for business model knowledge; providing reference for the design, optimization and reengineering of business models to help companies improve Self-competitive and ultimately maximize the value of the company.

Since its inception, the Business Model Research Center has published more than 100 articles and relevant articles in Peking University Business Review, Economics and Management, Statistics and Decisions, Harvard Business Review, China-Europe Business Review, and Chuangfuzhi, published more than 10 books, organized more than 100 business model forums and business research activities.