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University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)

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Partner: University of St. Gallen

Location: Switzerland
Exchange Spots Available: 3 per semester

 Academic Calendar

Full Semester Exchange
Fall Term: September to December 2019
Spring Term: February to May 2020

Short Semester Exchange*
Fall Term: September to November 2019
Spring Term: January to March 2020
*This program is only for MBA students. Please also note that the start of the Spring Term may coincide with Module 2 final exams at PHBS

English Proof Requirements

Proof required for ISP/MBA program: TOEFL iBT 89 
For regular master's level programs, proof is not required.


MA students are not eligible for the ISP/MBA program
Course information may be viewed HERE

School Fact Sheet

The School Fact Sheet may be viewed HERE

*Updated: 2/2019
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