Economic and Trade Relations between China and ASEAN 2021: Analysis and Forecast
Abstract: Southeast Asia has been an important hub of the Maritime Silk Road since ancient times. China has made ASEAN a priority in neighborhood diplomacy and an important area for quality BRI cooperation. This report analyzes the multi-dimensional data of ASEAN, accurately grasp the characteristics of the economic development of ASEAN countries, understand the key areas and key links of China and ASEAN economic and trade cooperation, and puts forward constructive decision-making reference for the comprehensive and in-depth cooperation between China and ASEAN in the future economic and trade cooperation.
ASEAN countries are affluent in tropical crops and mineral resources, which is highly complementary to China. They also enjoy a long demographic bonus period, and have a strong driving force for consumer goods, manufacturing and digital economy in the future. China and ASEAN have established a high-level economic and trade partnership, becoming mutual largest trading partner, and mutual investment has grown steadily. Going forward, China and ASEAN have three major opportunities: RCEP, infrastructure connectivity and digital economy, and the space and potential of economic and trade cooperation deserve paying attention.
In order to deepen cooperation between China and ASEAN, build a closer China-ASEAN economic and trade partnership, and share the well-being of economic growth and prosperity, this report puts forward the following policy suggestions: First, we should take advantage of RECP implementation to accelerate our opening up progress and thus promote reform. Second, we suggest to strengthen the multi-level dialogue mechanism and reinforce the policy communication and coordination between economic development plans. Third, we propose to the establishment of a monitoring and early warning system for trade and investment risks in ASEAN countries. Fourth, we should deepen cultural exchanges and cooperation, and jointly cultivate young people and digital economy talents.

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