Shenzhen 2021 Industrial Structure Status and Future Prospects
Abstract: This paper analyzes the current situation of Shenzhen's industrial structure from both macro and micro perspectives, and on this basis, analyzes the 14th Five-Year Plan of Shenzhen and makes suggestions for the development of Shenzhen's industries. From the macro perspective, this paper finds that, Shenzhen has a low proportion of tertiary industries compared with the other first-tier cities, the export-oriented economy and the poor internal circulation structure hinder Shenzhen's development.  From a micro perspective, the development of Shenzhen's tertiary industry is unstable and the growth rate is highly variable from the perspective of the data of newly registered enterprises in Shenzhen, which indirectly reflects the existence of obstacles in the development of the tertiary industry. Finally, based on the analysis of Shenzhen's economic structure, this paper interprets Shenzhen's 14th Five-Year Plan. This paper concludes that, Shenzhen should give priority to enhancing the added value of existing industries, i.e., upgrading the manufacturing industry through intelligence and informationization, and gradually breaking down the deep-seated factors affecting the development of the tertiary industry and gradually extending to the higher value-added end of the industrial chain.

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