Anton Ergahsev:PHBS Has Multiple Unique Traits Which Make It Different
2022-08-31 09:56:07
Anton Ergahsev, pursuing a master's degree in management at PHBS, has been passionate about Chinese language and culture since a very young age. During his undergraduate study at Capital Normal University, Anton kept exploring and learning, which initiated his interest in business-related subjects and led him to pursue a master’s degree in Shenzhen.

Anton Ergahsev, Tajikistan
“I had a few friends from Peking University, and they strongly recommended me to consider PHBS. After looking at the official PHBS website and communicating with some alumni, I confirmed that PHBS would be a great place for my future studies.” Anton added that locating in Shenzhen also served as a plus for PHBS, because it could give him more insights into the Chinese business world. However, the Covid-19 pandemic broke out before his story with PHBS unfolded. Though it took some time for Anton to get used to online courses and restrictions, he felt grateful to be one of the few who managed to study on campus.
“I have met students and professors who are awesome, intelligent individuals passionate about business studies. These people have good personal traits and are nice to study with,” remarked Anton, and “PHBS people are the key factor in making the school what it is.” He added that courses, such as operations management, organizational behavior, managerial economics, entrepreneurship, and strategic management, changed his perception and developed his ability to think critically as a manager.

When asked about future plans, Anton said he always wanted to be a product manager in the software development industry, creating digital products that help people, and especially organizations, to meet their needs. “The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model makes the line between 2B and 2C products less obvious,” he said, referring to his hope to create products that facilitate smooth collaborations and productive communications. 
In face of this ever-changing era, Anton shared his hopes for the school and other PHBSers:
”Peking University in general and PHBS in particular are continuously getting better as shown by university rankings. I believe that PHBS has multiple unique traits which make it different from other schools, and that's why we all love it. It has its advantages, such as culture, location, professors, and networking opportunities, but the competition is also growing fierce. 
In face of the challenges that this time imposes on us, I hope that each and every PHBSer can achieve their own goals, and consequently, further improve the reputation of PHBS by their achievements.”

By Annie Jin 
Editors: JP & AJ 
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