International Students on Ice-Breaking Tour
2023-09-01 09:47:12
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OVER 40 newly enrolled international students at Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) at Shenzhen University Town in Nanshan District had an ice-breaking tour Saturday to acquaint themselves with the city.

The activity, organized by the Taoyuan Service Center for Expats (TYSCE), aimed to help the newcomers expand their social networks and integrate into life in Shenzhen.

International students visit the International Talent Communication Center (ITCC) in Xili, Nanshan District on Saturday. Courtesy of Taoyuan Service Center for Expats

During the tour, the students visited the International Talent Communication Center (ITCC) in Xili and were introduced to TYSCE’s international volunteers’ program. They also boarded a sightseeing bus to explore Nanshan, gaining first-hand insights into the district’s achievements in science and technology, ecological conservation and economic development.

The bus tour took them to beautiful urban landscapes and landmarks like Shennan Boulevard, Dasha River Ecological Corridor and Shenzhen Bay Park, as well as cultural and historical sites like Nantou Ancient Town and bustling business centers.

Visiting international students listen to an introduction to ITCC on Saturday

“The students come from over 20 countries, including Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Germany and Italy. They are pursuing postgraduate programs at Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) and the School of Transnational Law,” Audre Bi, coordinator of international student affairs at PHBS International Office, said yesterday.

“It’s truly fantastic to be accompanied by a tour guide as we explore Shenzhen alongside my friends and staff. Our visit to the ITCC was particularly remarkable, offering me a unique opportunity to witness and delve into China’s cutting-edge technologies,” Nontrakarn Horpattaporn, a postgraduate student from Thailand, said.

International students socialize before a live music show

Horpattaporn was impressed by the city’s architecture and its various cultural and scenic attractions during the tour. Jakub Bialowas, an exchange student from Poland who is visiting China for the first time, said the activity offered a great opportunity for him to explore how developed and vibrant the city is, as well as to learn more about the resources and funding opportunities available at the ITCC office.

International students on board a sightseeing bus to tour Nanshan District

In recent years, Taoyuan Subdistrict in Nanshan has been actively working to transform its international block into a hub for high-level international talents, aligning with the city’s strategy to develop X-Lake Sciensity and Xili High-speed Railway Hub.

In 2022, the subdistrict inaugurated its service center for expats at the ITCC. According to Liu Huanrong, a social worker from TYSCE, the center provides consulting services, legal and policy support, and cultural exchanges for expats in the area.

Given Taoyuan Subdistrict’s strategic location, housing prestigious institutions such as Peking University Graduate School, Tsinghua University International Graduate School, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), Shenzhen University Xili Campus and the Southern University of Science and Technology, the center also offers guidance on entrepreneurship and employment for expat graduates.

The center organizes cultural exchange activities for both foreign and local residents, promoting cultural exchange and integration. Taoyuan International Block was recognized as an international block featuring science and international education by the Shenzhen Municipal Foreign Affairs Office in March this year.

Source: Shenzhen Daily