PHBS Hosts 2023 Corporate Cooperation Forum and Inaugural Job Fair
2023-10-23 10:48:00
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In response to the increased contemporary changing circumstances and market uncertainties in navigating the job market and preparing for future careers, Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) hosted the 2023 corporate cooperation forum on October 18. The event featured 66 experts from 45 enterprises from different fields, including those in the funds, securities, banking, and technology sectors. Moreover, faculty representatives, staff, and MA and MBA students attended the event to explore the collaboration between academia and enterprises regarding student cultivation and employers’ demand.

The opening of the forum 

Professor Ren Ting presides over the forum

Professor Ren Ting, PHBS vice dean, hoped that such events could enhance the understanding of the specific enterprises’ needs for talent development, explore practical strategies for strengthening school-enterprise cooperation, and help the school meet the high-level requirements of student cultivation in the modern era.

Professor Hai gives opening remarks

Professor Hai Wen, vice chairman of the Peking University Council and PHBS founding dean, introduced the school’s development and breakthroughs in student cultivation, academic research, international exchanges, and social influence. He identified three primary objectives for the forum: first, improving enterprises’ understanding of the school’s educational philosophy and development plans; second, aligning academic programs with market demand; and third, continuously enhance cooperation with businesses in areas such as academic research, talent cultivation, and social responsibility.

Awards Presentation Ceremony

"Best Employer" awardees

"Best Employer" awardees

 “Model Internship Base” awardees

“Outstanding Employer” awardees

“Employer with Potential” awardees

Face-to-Face Discussions

Open discussions with faculty and students

The forum also hosted in-depth discussions on school-enterprise cooperation, demands for talent cultivation, and challenges faced by enterprises during the recruitment process.

Group photo of forum attendees

 The afternoon job fair

In the afternoon, PHBS held its inaugural job fair, attracting hundreds of domestic and international students, which provided them an opportunity to explore various career options. The students got the unique chance to gather information on the current job market and interact with employer representatives who introduced available positions, job responsibilities, and career development paths.

Students submit their resumes

Face-to-face communications with industry representatives

Liu Dongchen, Master of Finance, Class of 2022

"This fair invited many well-known employers in the internet sector, and the positions covered multiple tracks and functions. Through face-to-face communications with representatives from the industry, I explored some career choices that I had little knowledge about in the past and also developed a deeper understanding of diverse career tracks. I’d like to express my gratitude to the school for this valuable opportunity, and I will continue to work hard and strive towards my career goals!”
Karimova Oydin, Master of Management, Class of 2022

“The career event organized by the Peking University HSBC Business School was a space for interaction between companies and students. For me, as an international student in Management major with prior professional experience in my home country, Uzbekistan, it was interesting to see the diverse opportunities available in China. The event allowed me to observe the hiring process, requirements, and expectations of industry leaders and helped me shape the direction for future improvement. I am persuaded that this event contributed to a better understanding of the market trends in China and was beneficial for both local and international students.”

Du Anye, Full-time MBA, Class of 2022

“I met many representatives of first- and second-level financial companies on site. The interactions and exchanges with major companies provided me with valuable career insights and development opportunities. I was deeply touched by the experiences of alumni and business leaders, and submitted my resume to these leading companies. This experience has strengthened my confidence in career planning. I hope that in the future I can apply what I have learned to practical work and continue to train myself on the job. I would like to extend my thanks to our school for providing this valuable opportunity.”

Banik Tisha, Master of Management, Class of 2021

 “As an international student pursuing a Master's in Management at PHBS Shenzhen, I was excited to see the tremendous effort and dedication put into organizing this event.

With 49 companies in attendance, the job fair provided a valuable platform for students to connect with prospective employers and explore exciting career opportunities. What is particularly promising is that 11 of these companies expressed a keen interest in considering international students, reflecting the inclusive and global outlook of PHBS.

The event was well-organized, with informative workshops, insightful panel discussions, and networking opportunities that allowed us to interact with representatives from various industries. The commitment of both the university and the participating companies to facilitate the professional development of international students was evident throughout.

As an international student, I appreciate the effort that the university is making to ensure that we have the same access and opportunities as our domestic counterparts. This job fair not only serves as an essential bridge between academic life and the professional world but also reinforces the idea that diversity and global perspectives are assets in today's workforce.”


On-site interviews 

Moreover, leading employers highly praised PHBS students who attended the job fair. Impressed by the diversity and internationalization of PHBS students, the head of the GF Securities recruitment team mentioned, "Today, many international students submitted their resumes. We interviewed students from Italy, Uzbekistan, and other countries. Their understanding of the domestic capital market matches that of Chinese students. Furthermore, PHBS students possess extensive internship experience and are well-prepared for their careers. The diversity among PHBS applicants aligns with our company's talent recruitment needs."

The head of the recruitment team at Goyi Asset also commended PHBS students for their rich internship experience and "clear and forward-looking" career goals. He mentioned, "We have previously hired several PHBS graduates who consistently demonstrated their abilities and responsibilities within the company." The head of the Oriental Securities recruitment team stated, “With solid professional skills and open-minded outlooks, PHBS students are fully prepared for their future careers and have clear goals for job hunting.”

In the future, PHBS Career Center will continue to explore school-enterprise cooperation channels, enhance the employment guidance and career counseling system, and establish an effective communication platform for both employers and students to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this challenging era.

Source: PHBS Career Center and PR & Media Office
Edited by Donya Mehrabi