Exploring Career Opportunities: ISU's Corporate Visit to Citi Hong Kong
2023-11-07 17:13:45
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On October 18th, 2023, the Peking University HSBC Business School International Student Union (PHBS ISU) organized an event with Citi Hong Kong’s Headquarters, where they engaged in a fruitful networking event. The event took place at Citi Tower and brought together 40 students from various backgrounds, including domestic students from PKU Commercial Banking Association and international students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. During a 2-hour session, attendees had the unique opportunity to discuss career perspectives and the recruiting process with Citi’s representatives.
Kripa Krishnamoothy sharing Citi’s core values and mission
Throughout the networking session, all participants were actively involved in the experimental session of CV review, gaining valuable insights and practical tips on how to improve their personal profiles. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to converse not only with HR professionals and recruiters but also with former interns who had successfully transitioned to full-time positions at Citi. This unique opportunity not only enhanced their understanding of diverse career paths and the banking industry but also expanded their professional network within the APAC region.
As the event neared its conclusion, Kripa Krishnamoothy, a senior APAC HR professional with over 20 years of experience, shared Citi’s core values and mission. Of particular significance to PHBS students is Citi’s appreciation for leadership and teamwork skills, diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, as well as the company's competency to support career flexibility for employees.
Group photo of the participants
This event marks PHBS's first international student-led cross-city corporate visit, initiated by ISU’s President and Vice President.  In the future, PHBS ISU will continue to arrange more company visits, helping students gain valuable insights into the diverse career paths, work environment, and corporate culture in leading companies while clarifying their career development goals.
By Bashekina Sofya, Master of Finance, Class of 2023
Source: International Office and PR & Media Office