PHBS Hosts the Grand Final of the 2023 PHBS-CJBS Global Pitch Competition
2023-12-19 17:31:56
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Co-organized by Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) and Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS), the Grand Final of the 2023 PHBS-CJBS Global Pitch Competition was held on December 13 at PHBS. The event attracted thousands of investors, startups, and audience, both on-site and online. 
Grand Final of the 2023 PHBS-CJBS Global Pitch Competition
The group photo of the participants
This year’s competition involved nearly 200 high-quality startups from around the world in a variety of fields such as new energy and green economy, artificial intelligence, BioTech and MedTech, smart manufacturing, microchip and semiconductor, new materials, globalization and localization. Participating entrepreneurs and investors came from Europe, Asia, North America, as well as the greater China area.
Hai Wen, vice chairman of Peking University Council and PHBS founding dean, delivers the opening remarks
In his speech, Professor Hai Wen introduced the three major missions of the PHBS Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PHBS-CIE): to popularize innovation and entrepreneurship education, build an innovation and entrepreneurship platform, and incubate early-stage enterprises. He pointed out that innovation and entrepreneurship are the fundamental driving force of economic development and have become even more important in this era. He hoped that the PHBS-CIE could better serve university faculty and students, as well as people from all walks of life who are devoted to innovation and entrepreneurship, effectively incubate more excellent enterprises, and truly promote high-quality development of the Chinese economy.
Christoph Loch, former dean of CJBS and professor of management at PHBS, gives a speech
Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in innovation and management at the University of Cambridge, Professor Christoph H. Loch pointed out the important role of startups in major innovations and the value of the business schools’ innovation and entrepreneurship centers to the local economic development. He said that startups could help university researchers bring their ideas into society, which is one of the reasons why the PHBS-CJBS Global Pitch Competition was initiated by CJBS and PHBS. 
The launching ceremony of the QICB International Innovation Space
The Qianhai Institute of China-Britain International Innovation Space is established to provide comprehensive support for start-ups. In addition to providing high-quality workplaces and industries, the International Innovation Space will further expand its service scope and provide professional mentorship, strategic formulation, supply chain, human resources and other comprehensive strategic counseling services for the enterprises settled in it. Through the deep cooperation between Peking University and Cambridge University, the International Innovation Space will help more start-ups to go global.
Inaugural ceremony of the PHBS-CIE Innovation Engine
The Innovation Engine will work with entrepreneurial mentors to provide entrepreneurial enlightenment and incubation for science and engineering students and scholars with entrepreneurial ideas, while creating acceleration camps and growth camps for start-up teams to grow and innovate. Through ignition, incubation, and investment, it will establish a passionate community of innovative entrepreneurs with strong vision and mission, redefine products, reshape the industrial landscape, create a new future, and jointly lead technological progress and social innovation.
A total of 10 domestic and international startups made it to the final round through a series of competitive pitching sessions over the last year. In the afternoon's final, a representative from each team had 5 minutes to pitch the group’s business plan to a panel of esteemed judges comprised of scholars, investors, and entrepreneurs, which was then followed by a 3-minute Q&A session.
Project roadshows
After a fierce competition, the first prize went to Shenzhen Yishan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Xienzhuan Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Moyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., MetaNovas Biotech won second prize. Shenzhen Weishibike Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Junzhi Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Wanfuda Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Aopen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Yingruiwo Electric Technology Co., Ltd., and Synecity, won third prize.

PHBS leaders Hai Wen, Ren Ting, Wei Wei and guests present awards to winning teams
Following the competition, the Greater Bay Area Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Forum featured keynote speeches given by renowned entrepreneurs and investors, and included such topics as the trend of Innovation, entrepreneurship, and venture capital , and the cultivation of innovative leaders of the Greater Bay Area. 
Liu Xiangning(Shenzhen Angel FOF Management CO.,LTD)is appointed as members of PHBS Advisory Committee on Start-up and Venture Capital.
Chen Wei, chairman of Peking University HSBC Entrepreneurship Venture Capital Advisory Committee and president of Oriental Fortune, gives a speech entitled “Entrepreneurship Needs Innovation“
Wu Shichun, founding partner of Meihua Venture Capital, delivers a keynote speech titled "The Entrepreneurial Tips in the Cold Winter"
Liu Xiangning, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Angel Investment Guidance Fund Management Co., Ltd., delivers a keynote speech on "Angel Investment and Innovation and Entrepreneurship"
From left to right: Zhang Kun, Zhang Kun, executive director Of PHBS-CIE; Xu Hui, initiator of Xishan Angel Exchange, Qiao Yuting, general manager of investment of OPPO; and Song Chang, partner of Qifu Capital
In the roundtable discussion session, Zhang Kun, Xu Hui, Qiao Yuting, and Song Chang engaged in a discussion on topics such as "How investors can empower entrepreneurs," "Preferences for selecting investment projects," and "Future directions for venture capital."
The launch ceremony of the 2024 PHBS-CJBS Global Pitch Competition
The launch ceremony of the 2024 PHBS-CJBS Global Pitch Competition was held at the end of the event. Professor Zhang Kun briefly introduced the forthcoming competition. 2024 season will focus on early technology teams before the B round. The first roadshow will be held in January next year and the semi-finals and finals will be held in October.
Initiated in 2020, the PHBS-CJBS Global Pitch Competition has gained great support from the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Science and Technology Innovation Committee, and many well-known venture capital institutions, incubators, scientific research institutes, and industry leaders. The success of the competition reflected our school’s endeavors and influence in the field of venture capital at home and abroad. 
If you are a global investor, incubator and accelerator organization or entrepreneurs who want to participate in 2024 PHBS-CJBS Global Pitch Competition, please contact us via or you can directly register your program through this link

Source: PHBS-CIE
Edited by Annie Jin