A Springtime Movable Feast! PHBS Hosts the Second International Culture Day
2024-04-03 15:51:25
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On March 31, 2024, Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) hosted its second International Culture Day, welcoming over 800 students, faculty, and guests from over 20 countries and diverse regions to embark on a remarkable journey around the globe.
This springtime festival, held at Xili University Town, was a vibrant mosaic of global cultures with delicious treats, fascinating traditions, groovy music, and engaging games. It reflected the school’s dedication to fostering international understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures, creating an inclusive atmosphere for all to relish.
The beginning of the culture day
From left to right: PHBS Associate Dean Young Joon Park, Founding Dean Hai Wen, Dean Wang Pengfei, and Associate Dean Ren Ting
In the opening ceremony, PHBS Dean Wang Pengfei extended his warm welcome to all the participants, wishing them a wonderful and unforgettable experience on this special day, and cut the ribbon to begin the event with other leaders.
A Taste of Home and Global Delights
From 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., students were given the opportunity to run their booths, demonstrating the diverse cultural heritages of their respective countries through vibrant attire, traditional games, and appetizing cuisines. 
A glimpse into the culinary delights revealed an array of gastronomic extravaganza: velvety French crêpes, fresh and crunchy Vietnamese Spring rolls, sweet and sticky Beijing Tanghulu, hearty Russian pancakes, creamy Malaysian Nasi Lemak, zesty Italian bruschetta, savory German pretzels, and crispy Korean fried chicken. 
Mouth-watering delicacies
Students run their booths and enjoy the culture day
Héloïse (left) cooks traditional French cuisine
"Our booth had only two of us, making it a significant challenge as we aimed to create something both appealing and of high quality,” noted Héloïse, adding that they started the preparation three weeks prior, brainstorming for decorations, activities, and the cuisine. “Fortunately, we stumbled upon a store stocked with French ingredients just three days before the event, which was a stroke of luck indeed," she reflected.
Vibrant Tapestry of Global Cultures
In addition to diverse delicacies, the event was also a blast of fun and excitement, filled with activities like apple bobbing, global trivia challenges, hands-on crafts, traditional dances, and plenty more! Each booth offered a stamp upon successfully completing of a challenge, and those who managed to gather 10 stamps had the opportunity to participate in an exciting lucky draw with the chance to win fabulous prizes.
Limited edition of PHBS passport for a journey of discovery
Henna art tattoos
Students in Hanfu
Rafael (middle) teaches participants Soca 
Participating in the festival for two consecutive years has been a privilege and a joy for Rafael. “There’s something incredibly fun about letting loose and dancing with those you love and appreciate, so I was more than happy to teach Soca, 9,000 miles away from home,” noted Rafael, eager to share one of his favorite aspects of the Panama culture: music and dance. Recalling last year’s experience of managing a home country booth, he admitted it was indeed a challenge but became very rewarding to hear comments like, “You were the first Panamanian I've ever met” or “It was the first time I heard about Panama.”
Open mic performances
Fireworks and water lanterns
As the night fell, the activities of the culture day were still in full swing, and participants could also make their way to the lawns or sit by the Mirror Lake to discover an outdoor paradise ushered in a harmonious blend of thrilling adventure and serene relaxation. 
After fierce voting by the audience, the Uzbekistan booth was awarded the "Best Design Award" for its outstanding design concept and cultural decorations. The British booth, with its appealing interactions and games, won the "Most Popular Award," while the Korean booth took home the "Best Food Award" for its delicious and inviting cuisine. These awards were not only a tribute to the brilliant cultural displays of various countries but also a vivid interpretation and powerful demonstration of the concept of multicultural exchanges.
Professor Hai Wen presents awards to students
The success of this year’s event was attributed to the joint efforts of PHBS staff and students, especially the students' autonomy in setting up booths, which was impressive. “I feel like everyone was very proud and trying to make their booth memorable, which led to an amazing event where all the booths were well decorated, filled with food, and packed with people queuing to discover all these countries!” commented Héloïse.
A group photo of participants
For Rafael, what made the culture festival special was that “just like other places in China, Shenzhen becomes a home for anyone who arrives, and having a space to celebrate what makes each of us special is a unique experience.” Indeed, this enriching “global journey” on campus not only provided a strong impetus for future endeavors but also built a bridge for new dialogue and closer friendship, making the International Culture Day an important springboard for cultural exchanges among students, faculty, and expats in the University Town, Shenzhen, and even the Greater Bay Area. 

By Annie Jin
Edited by Donya Mehrabi

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