Competition in Multi-Echelon Distributive Supply Chains with Linear Demand
We study competition in multi-echelon supply chains with a distributive structure

Deming Zhou, Uday S. Karmarkar,Jiang Bo

Working Paper | No. 2014003 |

Keywords: Distributed decision making, Successive Cournot competition, Supply chain management

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Vertical FDI and Exchange Rate in a Two-country Model
It has long been observed that the change in exchange rate of a country is positively correlated with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflow into its border

Jiao Shi

Working Paper | No. 2014002 |


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The Road to Green Transition in China
China s reform and opening-up drive has catalyzed a series of transformations in society, economics and politics

Haifeng Huang

Working Paper | No. 2014001 |


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Idiosyncratic Risk and Acyclically Increasing Public Debt
Understanding observed cyclical properties of public debt is important The existing theories predict that public debt is only countercyclical (i e , increasing in recessions and decreasing in booms)

Insook Lee

Working Paper | No. 2020001 |

Keywords: Government Debt, Cyclicality of Public Debt, Idiosyncratic Risk, Acyclical Public Debt

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