11 Jun 2018
Student Remarks | Learning by Doing
One of my favorite modules was Chinese cultural studies provided by Professor Haifeng Huang The course was very practical and well delivered
18 May 2018
Student Remarks | Future Leaders and China's Ambassadors
Today we are just students but in the future we shall pay this debt by being a good future leaders and great ambassadors not only to “Beida” but to China too as a nation
27 Apr 2017
PHBS First Academic Debate | Is China Still A "Developing" Country?
Is China still a developing country? many argue that practically, the concept of China as a developing country is inaccurate PHBS students faced off in a debate to try and answer this very question
14 Apr 2017
PHBSers in China | Visiting Top Firms, Experiencing Rural life, and Exploring Chinese Culture
23 PHBS international students had the opportunity to visit Hunan province to gain deep understanding on local business, do volunteer teaching and experience first-hand Chinese rural life
30 Mar 2017
Company Visit to Huawei, the World's Top Three Smartphone Maker
International students had the great opportunity to visit Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen to gain a deeper understanding and real life experience of Chinese culture and business markets
27 Mar 2017
China Studies through the Lens of a BGI Microscope
On Wednesday, the China Studies class visited BGI, a world-class facility geared towards providing research, manufacturing and commercial operations to its global clients
10 Mar 2017
China Studies Class Visits New Shenzhen High Concept Business Park
On Wednesday, China Studies class visited the Guangming New District in northwest Shenzhen to gain first-hand experience with Chinese business culture
16 Jun 2016
PHBS holds 2016 China Conference of Chinese Economists Society (CES)
The conference served as a good opportunity for international and domestic scholars and practitioners to share their views on the major problems and challenges facing the world’s economy
28 Mar 2016
China Studies Program: The Development Road with New Policies in China
Zhuwei Wang, PhD, a senior analyst at SIA Energy, spoke about China’s energy policy as a guest of the China Studies course at Peking University HSBC Business School
14 Mar 2016
PHBS China Studies Program Enhances Ties with Leading Enterprises
PHBS puts great emphasis on school-enterprise cooperation to create a platform for both Chinese and international students to enhance their practical skills
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