Unveiling Ceremony of Peking Univeristy HSBC School of Business
2008-10-22 23:09:47
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Celebrate Unveiling Ceremony of Peking University HSBC School of Business

On the morning of October 22, 2008, the unveiling ceremony of HSBC School of Business was held in Shenzhen Graduate School. Doctor Zhihong Xu, president of Peking University, Mr. Vincent Cheng, Chairman of The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Mr. Baoquan Zhang, Director of Shenzhen Bureau of Education and Professor Wen Hai, Dean of HSBC School of Business unveiled the plaque together. President Xu, Mr. Hao Li, Advisor of HSBC School of Business, Chairman Zheng, Ms Ann Almeida, Group Head of Human Resources, HSBC Holdings plc, Mr. Baoquan Zhang, Director of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Education, Ms Shouxu Shi, Assistant to President, Professor Yuzhui Chen, Minister of office of Social Science Peking University, Mr. Hongbin Qu, Chief Economist of HSBC China, Global Research, and all faculty and students of HSBC School of Business attended the unveiling ceremony.

Before the unveiling ceremony, Mr. Wei Wei, associated dean of PHSB and Mr. Vincent Chang, associated dean of PHSB accompanied guests from HSBC to tour the campus.

At 11 am, all guests were seated and the emcees announced the beginning of the ceremony. Mr. Vincent Chang, associated dean of PHSB and Ms Jane Wu, professor of PHSB were the emcees of the ceremony.

President Zhihong Xu made the first address of the ceremony. On behalf of Peking University, he extended gratitude to the supports given by Shenzhen Municipal Government. He also reviewed the achievements in economic education in the history of Peking University. Lastly, he expressed confidence and expectation for PHSB and best wishes for all the guests.

Then Chairman Vincent Cheng made his address on the ceremony. He said that the renaming of school of business of Peking University as HSBC School of Business demonstrated Peking University attached great importance to this corporation between a financial institution and a university. He highly praised the achievements made by PHSB which was only started a few years ago. He also wished a bright future for the school of business.

 The third presenter was Mr. Baoquan Zhangn, DirectorShenzhen Municipal Bureau of Education. Firstly, he expressed congratulations to the unveiling ceremony after the renaming of school of business and said that this corporation was of international meaning. In the context of current global financial crisis, he stressed the importance of finance with regards to macroeconomic development in a country. He said that Peking University and HSBC Group enjoyed significant position in their own fields. He promised that Shenzhen Municipal Government will continually support the development of Shenzhen Graduate School.

The summit comes as the plaque was unveiled among the sea of applauses, firing guns and lively band music.

Mr. Hao Li, former Secretary General of the CPC and advisor of PHSB made a affectionate speech. He recalled accomplishments of developing higher education in Shenzhen at the beginning of the reforming and opening. He praised that HSBC was equipped with unique international perspective. The support from Peking University and donation from HSBC were important for the development of the school. He hoped that more comprehensive talents will be trained and produced by the school to contribute for Shenzhen, the first special economic region in China.

 Professor Wen Hai, dean of PHSB, said that the unveiling ceremony was a milestone for Peking University to be the world-class university. He thought high of the generous donation by HSBC Group, caring attentions by Peking University, and tremendous supports by Shenzhen municipal government. According Professor Hai, PHSB combines the quality teaching resources of Peking University and The University of Hong Kong, attracts excellent students across China. Using the latest managerial system and geographical advantages, HSBC School of Business had established its reputation and brand. He encouraged the students in PHSB to set ambitious goals, work hard, face to the future and the world, leaving no regrets for their youth.

The ceremony concluded with great success. All the guests, faculty and students took photography to celebrate the happy and meaningful moments.