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Management Styles Across Borders

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Speakers: Gordon Perchthold, Senior Advisor, Managing Across Asia

Wednesday, 6 March 2013; 2:00pm-3:15pm; C125; (Delivered in ENGLISH) 

Pre-registeration is *not* required to attend this event.


Research over the past two decades demonstrates that there are only a couple Western multinationals that perform as well in Asia as in their home region. This conclusion has dire consequences for the growth objectives of Western multinationals given that Asia is now the hub of the global economic growth. It is not for a lack of smart people within Western multinationals but rather the way they and their companies organize and apply themselves in Asia. 

Drawing from Gordon Perchthold's 30 years of practical field experience advising and executing initiatives with over 50 multinational management teams across 21 countries combined with ongoing academic research for a PhD on Western multinational governance and performance in Asia, this interactive session will discuss the barriers that have prevented Western multinational from performing better in Asia and the actions necessary to overcome them. Executives will leave this session reassessing some of their previous preconceptions and be equipped with a number of ideas on actions to enhance the performance of their business in Asia.



Gordon Perchthold is a Canadian-Australian, married to a British-South African, residing in Hong Kong, who has worked throughout Asia (residing previously in Korea, Japan and Thailand) for half of his 30 year career. A management consultant, partner, and/or managing partner with Accenture, Deloitte and its spin-off in Japan (ABeam Consulting). The RFP Company and his successor firm Managing Across Asia, Gordon has conducted over 150 projects with Fortune 500 multinationals to restructure their Asia regional office, develop regional and country level business strategies and operating models, facilitate management workshops, structure and execute multi-country projects leveraging and building capabilities of internal client resources, and directed/project manage numerous implementation initiatives. He co-authored "Extract Value From Consultants: How to Hire, Use, and Fire Them" to help users of consulting services to realize better business results and personal experience from using consultants, particularly in Asia. In addition to his advisory work to multinationals, Gordon is also conducting research on Western multinational governance in Asia in pursuit of a PhD at the University of Sydney. Gordon has commerce and computer science degrees from the University of Toronto and an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. He is a member of the Ivey Advisory Board in Asia, and also Co-President of the Ivey Alumni Association Hong Kong Chapter.

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