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Value of your degree Management

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Peking University HSBC Business School wants to provide its graduate students with the hard and soft skills to become innovative global management leaders. Incorporating mathematical and logical thinking with creative and lateral thinking for analyzing and solving problems. The professors who teach our management students have worked in major companies all over the world, will
Job Market:
         Master of Management ) is a growing field as students from all over the world who do not have the work experience to study an MBA have the opportunity to be more competitive on the job market. Most graduates can find jobs for consulting companies, managers or even associates.
Job trend:
There is a growing rise in demands for the job market for students to get a Masters in management. According to Financial Times , “MiM programmes are indeed popular with employers, who are eager for young, bright recruits they can shape and develop.” There is a strong desire for employers to actively search for students who have a masters in management. “For now, employers tend to treat MiM and MBA talent pools as distinct markets. MiM graduates have a strong reputation with companies that run graduate training programmes, or banks and consultancies looking for analyst-level recruits, as stated by the Financial Times.
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