Connect to Chinese Consumers from Digital Marketing Masterclass
2022-09-16 17:25:00
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The UK Campus of Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS-UK) is very pleased to provide our inaugural China Digital Marketing Masterclass in joint with Dao Insights to improve the understanding of China as well as the Chinese culture and help students to know the Chinese digital practices.
With a population of more than 1.4 billion, the Chinese market is one of the most active and attractive markets in the world, but Chinese consumers and the methods of reaching out to them are very different to the West. The aim of the China Digital Marketing Masterclass is to present the Chinese Digital Media landscape to participants and enable them to work closely with industry professions to master hands-on digital marketing tactics and techniques which would enable participants to success in the Chinese Market.

China is the largest populated country with close to one billion social media users. For companies or individual content creators who want to break into the social media domain in China, an in-depth understanding about China’s Digital Media landscape is the most sure-fire way for audience growth. However, China’s unique social media ecosystem presents an intriguing challenge for brands and companies as they need to adapt their marketing strategies and brand messaging while at the same time, understanding the Chinese narrative.

The goal of the Masterclass is to ensure that the participants gain a thorough understanding of the Chinese market, the main consumer groups, and the digital trends shaping consumer behaviour in modern China. Over 4 days and 20 hours, participants in the Masterclass gained a deeper understanding of China’s digital landscape where they knew more about what is special and different about China’s social media platforms, Chinese consumer behavior, and what makes Chinese consumers tick.

During the Masterclass, the instructors also took our participants, both online and in-person, on a deep dive into 4 of China’s most popular social media platforms – WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu (RED). Participants also had the opportunity to discuss real-life case studies in groups and present their ideas. Both online and in-person group discussions are led by a keynote speaker who offered on the spot guidance, comments, and direction. All ideas are presented to everyone in the Masterclass so everyone was able to learn from each other’s ideas, understand their marketing strategies, and engage in one another’s discussion.
Every module involved instruction from special keynote speakers who have vast practical experience. Everything that was discussed in the keynotes were put into group discussions and case studies. Participants were also asked to discuss each point and practice on how to put what they have learnt in practice. All our participants, both online and in-person, were able to get together to develop various marketing ideas on each of the 4 social media platforms and present their ideas to our keynote speakers for comments.
One of the highlights of the course was having a well-known influencer – Ms Feiyang – who shared her journey and experience of being an influencer on Douyin and Xiaohongshu. Ms Feiyang also shared various practical tips and ideas on how to create content that would attract eyeballs and maximise interaction. In other words, she taught our participants how to go viral.
All of our participants enjoyed the Masterclass very much and learned a lot from our keynote speakers. The following are some of their comments:
“Thank you for the classes, it was very interesting, entertaining and quite useful. I also really enjoyed the company of my online classmates.”
“I really enjoyed every module of the course. It has been a great experience, both from an organisational and training materials point of view. I have previously attended a few courses on the same subject offered by other companies/schools, but yours is one of - if not the most practical and insightful of all.”

Source: UK Campus