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Student Exchange Programs
The PHBS Student Exchange program furthers the objectives of internationalization and academic development of our students by providing one-semester academic study opportunities at partner business schools in other countries, and inviting international students from business schools in other countries to study at our school for one semester.
For the purpose of providing study-abroad opportunities to PHBS students, PHBS has forged partnerships with several schools located outside of China. The partnership agreements allow for the full transfer of course-credits earned at the partner school to the PHBS degree program. The PHBS exchange-student is responsible for all non-tuition costs and necessary for living abroad. Tuition at the foreign-host school is waived in lieu of the PHBS student's standard tuition being paid at PHBS. PHBS students receiving scholarships will continue to be covered by their tuition scholarship while participating in an approved exchange program.
Students will complete an online application during the fall of the preceding year. Students may choose ONE school to apply to. Completed PHBS applications are reviewed by a team of PHBS faculty members, who decide on exchange candidates based on their academic and extracurricular records, as well as answers to written essay questions. For each exchange opportunity, students will be selected based on the number of available spots. The review team evaluates each application based on (a) the eligibility of the student in the exchange program and at the host school, (b) the student's current academic standing and credentials, (c) the level of disruption the exchange might cause the student in their PHBS program, (d) the ability of the student to positively represent PHBS at the host school, (e) the ability of the student to be successful living in the host country and studying at the host school, and (f) the fit that the exchange has with the career goals of the student. Students assigned as alternates may be permitted to be included in a 2nd round of selections, based on availability. PHBS reserves the right to reject a student's application for exchange 
Before participating in a study abroad program, students must outline a plan of study for their semester. Students must find courses at the host institution abroad that are equivalent to courses at PKU HSBC Business School. In order to do so, students must fully understand the curriculum of the courses they anticipate taking while abroad. Once students have selected their study-abroad courses, they should complete the course approval form and submit it the PHBS Administrative Office. The course transfers will be decided by the Exchange Credit Sub-Committee. Courses taken abroad will only be able to count toward Major Elective or Non-Major Elective courses.  Courses taken abroad cannot be counted toward Required courses. 



PHBS Exchange Program Policies

•  Only students in good academic standing and with the financial ability to pay their costs may participate.
•  Students with less than 80 discipline points at the time of the exchange, or that exhibit conduct that is not in line with PHBS's expectations for student behavior, are not eligible to participate in the exchange program.
•  A student may participate in the exchange program for one semester and only while they are formally enrolled in a full-time PHBS program.
•  Students may not attend an exchange program during their first semester at PHBS.
•  International students may not apply for an exchange program to their home country. 
•  A student may apply for only one exchange program per semester; thus only one open application can be submitted at a time.
•  Students that have been selected for an exchange program are not eligible to apply to the exchange program in subsequent semesters. Students that have previously been selected as an 'alternate' are eligible to apply in subsequent semesters.
•  Students on exchange must respect and follow the partner university's calendar dates. Students may not leave early from any exchange program, and must complete all coursework and exams. Late arrival is only permitted by authorization of PHBS.
•  Students may not take coursework at PHBS during the same semester they are scheduled to be abroad.


Fitting Exchange Into Your Program
   1. Domestic Students, Single Degree: You can participate on exchange during your 2nd year, or the first semester of your 3rd year. 
   2. Domestic Students, Dual Degree: The ideal semester for NUS students is to go during the 4th or 5th semester (spring of 2nd year or fall of 3rd year). 
   3. International Students: If you have an exemption for Business Chinese or are able to take Business Chinese in the first year, then you can participate on exchange during the fall semester of the 2nd year. International students that must take Business Chinese during the fall of their 2nd year may participate in summer programs, or apply to delay graduation by 1 semester and exchange during the spring of their 2nd year.
Current Exchange Partners
Our list of exchange partners is continually growing as we work to increase opportunities for our students. 
A current list of active partners with information about each school may be viewed HERE.