Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
2012.02.22 Na Zhang University of British Columbia Leasing, Uncertainty, and Financial Constraint
2012.02.24 Ling Shen Shanghai University of Finance and Economics The co-development of economies and institutions
2012.02.29 Heungju Park PHBS Credit Conditions and Expected Stock Returns
2012.03.07 Kevin Au CUHK Informal Investment in New Entrepreneurial Ventures- A Social Cognitive Approach
2012.03.13 Ming-Jer Chen Darden Business School, University of Virginia Competitive Dynamics: Themes, Trends, and a Prospective Research Platform
2012.03.13 Ming-Jer Chen Darden Business School, University of Virginia Building a Research-Centered Academic Career and Balancing Career and Life
2012.03.14 Richard Chan PHBS Risky Knowledge, The Effect of Financial Knowledge on Portfolio Strategies for New Venture Investors
2012.03.19 Jun Xu SUNY Buffalo A New Estimate of Beta and Test of Capital Asset Pricing Model Based on the New Beta
2012.03.21 Sai Lan PHBS Public Firm Sponsorship of Open Source Software: A Knowledge-based Approach to Open Innovation
2012.03.28 Wei Xu PHBS Short squeeze
2012.04.11 David  Ong PHBS Can There Ever Be Too Many Flavors of Häagen-Dazs? Anticipatory Beliefs and Choice Overload Behavior
2012.04.24 Yang Yong CUHK Management Forecasts around the World
2012.05.02 Tori Huang Nottingham University Business School China Escalation of Commitment in Teams: A Study of Hope
2012.05.09 Jie Zheng Tsinghua University The Robustness of Bubbles in a Finite Horizon Model
2012.05.09 Cong Wang CUHK Financial Misstatements and Contracting in the Equity Market: Evidence from Seasoned Equity Offerings
2012.05.16 Estelle Dauchy PHBS The Impact of Tax Rebates on Firm Value: Evidence from High tech Certificates Announcements in China
2012.05.23 Jinyu He HKUST Top Management Team Demographic Faultlines and Agency Behaviors: Exploring the Governance Effects of Managerial Mutual Monitoring
2012.06.13 Naqiong Tong PHBS Compensation Consultant Independence and CEO Pay
2012.06.15 Danling Jiang Florida State University Trust and Household Finance

Speaker Affiliation Topic
2012.9.19 Panel Discussion PHBS The in’s and out’s of publishing academic papers.
2012.9.26 Minna Yu Zheng City University of Hong Kong Information Production in the Process of Securitization
2012.10.10 Kevin Chastager PHBS International acquisitions: The role of knowledge breadth, uncertainty and culture
2012.10.24 Sung Bin Sohn PHBS The role of transitory shocks in equity financing: evidence from IPOs.
2012.10.31 Susan Shan University of Hong Kong Does CDS Trading Affect Debt Contracting? Evidence from Loan and Bond Covenants
2012.11.7 David Matius Gomulya Nanyang Technological University Competitive Actions and Venture Survival: Individuation, Ricardian, and Schumpeterian Actions
2012.11.7 Meng-Hua Hsieh University of Washington The Influence of Implicit Theories and Message Frame on the Persuasiveness of Disease Prevention and Detection Advocacies
2012.11.14 Zhiyi Qian PHBS The Nature of the Risk-free Asset: Evidence from Credit Default Swaps
2012.11.21 Daniel Sungyeon Kim PHBS Performance management: Beyond earnings management
2012.11.28 Rama Velamuri CEIBS  
2012.11.30 Weidong Tian University of North Carolina Optimal Investment Strategies for Consistent Performance
2012.12.5 Alexander White Tsinghua University The attention economy of search and web advertisement.