Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
2013.01.09 David Ong PHBS Begrudging Her Half the Sky? An Online Field Experiment on Male Preferences for Female Education and Income
2013.01.16 Cheng-Hua Tzeng Fudan University The Institutional Entrepreneur’s Balancing of Legitimacy and Efficiency: An institutional Work Approach
2013.02.27 Chulyoung Kim Handong Global University Accuracy of Adversarial and Inquisitorial Procedures in Civil Litigation with Information Acquisition
2013.03.20 Yong Wang HKUST Market Structure, Factor Endowment, and Industrial Upgrading
2013.04.03 Deming Zhou City University of Hong Kong Competition and Entry Effect in Multi-Echelon Distributive Supply Chain
2013.04.10 Xiaohui Lu National University of Singapore The Institutional Underpinnings for Substantive vs. Symbolic Restructuring
2013.04.10 Qian Chen PHBS The Two-sided Weibull Distribution and Forecasting Financial Tail Risk
2013.04.17 Austin Lee Nichols PHBS What Do People Desire in Their Leaders? The Role of Leadership Level on Trait Desirability
2013.04.24 Zongshi Chen Yonsei University Chinese private corporate philanthropy: social responsibility or legitimacy strategy
2013.05.15 Jun Shan Nankai University Inventory Management in China: An Empirical
2013.05.15 Marta Dowejko  Love My Pearls Evolution of Social Capital and its Impact on New Venture's Survival and Growth
2013.05.31 Jian Cai Innovation Education and  Research Institute Discussion on Social Network and Cooperative Innovation Management
2013.06.05 Yong Li SUNY Buffalo Venture Capitalists’ Decision to Withdraw: the Role of Portfolio Configuration from a Real Options Lens
2013.06.05 KENNETH A. KIM Renmin University Bank Competition and Leverage Adjustments
2013.06.19 Zhewei Wang Shandong University Labor Tournaments vs (individual) Contracts under Asymmetric Information
2013.06.26 Uwe Dulleck PHBS The Good, the Bad and the Naive: Do Fair Prices Signal Good Types or Do They Induce Good Behavior?
2013.06.26 Chen Chen PHBS Social Norms and CSR Performance: An Examination of Positive Screening and Activism by Norm-Constrained Institutional Investors
2013.06.27 Baixiao Liu PHBS Which Anomalies are More Popular? And Why?
2013.07.03 Fanmin Kong Peking University, Guanghua School of Management The Effects of Human Resources Practices on Occupational Safety Performance
2013.07.03 Zhefang Zhou City University of Hong
Focused information criteria, model selection and model averaging in a Tobit model with a non-zero   threshold

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
2013.09.11 Hong Zhu(Susan) Chinese University of Hong Kong Home Country Institutions and Post-Acquisition Performance
2013.09.16 Edward Qian Multi Asset at PanAgora Asset Management Risk Parity: Theory and Practice
2013.10.09 Deming Zhou PHBS Serial Supply Chain Competition with Heterogeneous Firms
2013.10.16 Haibo Wang University of Mississippi Using Data Mining Techniques to Support Strategic Workforce Planning
2013.10.17 Tommy Leung City University of Hong Kong Movie Piracy and Hollywood Exports: A Cross-Country Investigation
2013.10.30 Rui Ding University of New South Wales Disclosure of Downside Risk and Investors’ Use of Qualitative Information: Evidence from the IPO Prospectus’s Risk Factor Section
2013.10.30 JAEWOO JOO Kookmin University Preference Reversal of Environmental Friendly Product
2013.11.13 Cheng-Wei Wu University of Hong Kong The Roles of Signals and Acquirer Experience in Selecting Targets in High-Tech Industries
2013.11.13 Hyun Hak Kim Bank of Korea Big Data Mining Using Parsimonious Factor and Shrinkage Methods
2013.11.20 Ping Xiao NUS Are there Spillovers from the Rival? Evidence from Entry and Expansion of KFC and McDonald’s in Chinese Cities
2013.12.04 Annapoornima M. Subramanian National University of Singapore Alliance Portfolios and the Creation of Original Patents: A Knowledge-based View