Anton Ergahsev:PHBS Has Multiple Unique Traits Which Make It Different
Anton Ergahsev, pursuing a master s degree in management at PHBS, has been passionate about Chinese language and culture since a very young age
31 Aug 2022
Daria Gurianova: It Is Crucial to Go with the Flow
Daria’s enthusiasm was not only in class, but also in the school’s diverse activities and events, including forums, ceremonies, and commencement
12 Aug 2022
WangPengfei: Future Direction and Method of Macroeconomic Research
He has been hailed as one of the most productive young economists in the world
15 Jun 2021
Che Limei: Life Is to Explore
Yet, Che Limei’s educational adventure would provide the chance to make a bold move: to Norway Yet another bold move brought her back to China
14 May 2021
International Students Clocking In as Interns in Shenzhen
How could foreign students find an internship in China? Here are some answers
28 May 2021
Chang Yong Ha: Shenzhen Is a City With Dynamic Development
In the eyes of Dr Chang Yong Ha from South Korea, the school has not changed much since the first time he arrived in 2014, yet tremendous changes have taken place in its surroundings and the city it is based in
22 Dec 2020
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