PHBS Holds 2020 Commencement
Spring has been particularly stressful this year for graduating students due to challenges and pressure caused by
08 Jun 2020
PHBS Holds Online and Onsite Thesis Defenses
PHBS requests that all thesis and dissertation defenses be held on site with social distancing measures or remotely using Zoom or Wechat Work
01 Jun 2020
Will Europe Learn the Italian Lesson on How to Fight the War against Coronavirus?
From the 22nd of February until the 9th of May, Italy registered more than 30,000 coronavirus-related deaths How
18 May 2020
PHBS Welcomes Back Its 2020 MA Graduating Students
The school also distributed health kits consisting of face masks, disinfection supplies and epidemic prevention manuals to students on campus
15 May 2020
Prof.Wang Pengfei's Research: Discount Shock, Price-Rent Dynamics, and the Business Cycle
What is the link between commercial real estate prices and investment dynamics?
14 May 2020
PHBS Receives Letters of Gratitude from University of Cambridge and Other Donation Recipients
“One World – One Fight, We are in this together ”
27 Apr 2020
Fighting COVID-19: PKU strengthens online communication with global universities
Peking University talked about the role and responsibilities universities should undertake amid the COVID-19 pandemic
23 Apr 2020
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