EMBA Alumnus Winston Cheng: Cultivating Lifelong Friendships at PHBS
Winston was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of USA, so living and running a company in Shenzhen have been a stark contrast for him
10 Aug 2020
Insights | Robert J. Barro: Macroeconomic Responses to the Coronavirus Pandemic
I think that the ongoing coronavirus crisis will be similar to the Great Influenza and will have no great impact on the structures of economies
17 Jul 2020
PHBS Holds 2020 Student Forum
PHBS held its 2020 Student Forum on July 3-6,attracting more than 140 excellent students from key universities nationwide
10 Jul 2020
Research | How Does the Sharing Economy Influence Traditional Industries?
Would you choose ride-hailing rather than buy a new car? Or have you ever thought of buying your own car and becoming a Didi driver?
03 Jul 2020
2020 Graduate Lu Fangyuan: Responsibility and Global Vision
Editor& 39;s note: It& 39;s graduation season again and Peking University is incredibly proud of all our students
01 Jul 2020
PHBS Provides Academic Support for 2019 China City Business Environment Report
The 2019 China City Business Environment Report was released in a ceremony in Beijing on June 18
22 Jun 2020
Prof.Thomas Sargent Shares His Insights at PKU Global Open Talks
Prof Thomas Sargent probed into the history of macroeconomics, with a focus on business cycles
24 Jun 2020
Prof. Wang Pengfei: Future Not All Doom and Gloom
Despite the pessimistic prospects for the world economy in the short term, the long-term outlook is more optimistic
24 Jun 2020
PHBS-CJBS Global Pitch Competition Kicks off
Facing the COVID-19 pandemic, the capital market is going through ups and downs, making it harder for start-ups
17 Jun 2020
Being in Lockdown – A Reflection
Some people might find being under quarantine very frustrating, but I look at it from a very different perspecti
12 Jun 2020
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