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Position Effects of Menu Item Displays in Consumer Choices: A Comparison of Horizontal Versus Vertical Displays

by Jungkeun Kim, Euejung Hwang, Jooyoung Park, Jacob C. Lee, Jongwon Park

ARTICLE | Cornell Hospitality Quarterly | 2018


Consumers typically make choices based on a menu that lists a variety of food items. Prior research has shown that the position of food items within a menu (center vs. edge) can impact choices (e.g., edge preference and edge aversion). This research extends the literature by demonstrating that the display format of a menu (horizontal vs. vertical displays) can determine the relative impact of these influences. Two experiments find that the middle options are preferred when food options are displayed horizontally (vs. vertically), whereas the edge items are preferred under a vertical display (vs. a horizontal display). These differences extend to different types of foods (food vs. beverage), and to even and odd numbers of options (e.g., four vs. five). These findings increase the understanding of how food item displays can influence consumer choices, and provide important implications for practitioners and policymakers, including how to effectively position food items.

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