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Master of Finance Program at HSBC Business School

The  Finance program provides specialist training in finance for international students. The master's degree in the finance program focuses on a core curriculum in financial theory and applications. This is a two-year, full-time program in which international students learn alongside Chinese peers in an environment of cross-cultural dialogue. All courses are instructed exclusively in English, as is all academic support provided by faculty, TAs, and staff members. The faculty members of this program have earned their PhD degrees from top-ranked universities over the world.

*The Masters of Finance program curriculum is very quantitative based and therefore requires students to have a very high level of mathematical skills.  It is recommended that students who apply for this program have an undergraduate degree in a related or quantitative field such as economics, finance, mathematics, engineering, etc.

Curriculum Overview

Please note that this is the curriculum for 2018, curriculum for 2019 is soon to be confirmed.

Finance Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4
Year 1 Microeconomics Macroeconomics Corporate Finance Research Methodology & Business Ethics
Financial Accounting Advanced Econometrics Investments Elective 1
Business Math Intro.to Chinese Economy English Writing Elective 2

Chinese Language(Level 1)

Chinese Language(Level 2)
Year 2 Business Chinese 1 Business Chinese 2 Thesis (Graduate Thesis Seminar and Defense)
Elective 3 Financial Markets
Elective 4 Independent Study of China
  • I.Degree Requirements
  • II. Research Fields
  • III. Curriculum
    * Please refer to class schedule for elective courses' availability.



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