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PHBS provides you with an opportunity to study  Peking University’s MBA programmes in PHBS UK Campus, while concurrently developing your business and personal networks with China.
With the rapid rise of China’s economy and the increase of Chinese outward investments, the demand for the international business community to understand Chinese business culture and practices is growing exponentially.  Peking University HSBC Business School’s (PHBS) MBA programme offers tailor-made courses designed and delivered by faculty who are specifically qualified in teaching MBA programmes with a China focus, so building students ability to analyse the latest developments of the Chinese economy and markets within a rigorous framework of generic business theory. Besides curriculum study, students will also have the opportunity to develop business networking with leading China-related professionals, academics, company directors, and entrepreneurs.  Additionally, PHBS will provide support for you to access funding opportunities in China for business start-ups or career development within or outside China after graduation from the MBA programme.
Highlights of the Program
The PHBS MBA is a 24-month programme, leading to a Master of Business Administration degree awarded by Peking University.  The programme consists of taking 16 courses within 16 months, two months of field study and project research, leading to the graduate thesis after  6 months. The courses will be offered in PHBS UK Campus (Oxfordshire), London, PHBS Shenzhen Campus, or Peking University Beijing Campus.  Each course will be taught over two weekends, a Friday and Saturday, monthly.  On each of the two weekends, Business Communication with Chinese, Cross-Cultural Understanding, and basic Mandarin Chinese will be taught on each Friday evening in an informal setting. These accumulated classes represent one course and will last the duration of the taught programme with the aim of equipping students with basic language skills and a sound understanding of the Chinese culture.     
The programme has nine required core courses (18 credits) and one course of Business Communication with Chinese (4 credits).  The core courses provide the foundation for business management and operation as well as an in-depth understanding of China’s economy, governance, and business practice.   In addition to these ten compulsory taught courses, students should also take seven elective courses (14 credits).  The elective courses aim to widen the management knowledge and skills of students.  These courses can be taken in the classroom or online.
The programme also requires students to attend two field studies (8 credits) in China for extensive exploration of Chinese enterprises and their business practices.   Each field study consists of 10 -12 days.  Students should conduct a research project (6 credits) to write a thesis.
To be awarded the MBA degree from Peking University, students are required to finish with a total of 50 credits and complete a MBA thesis and a viva to defense it.
The programme is conducted in English.
The faculty of the programme consists of PHBS senior professors and visiting scholars from UK academics and business practitioners.PHBS MBA Programme
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