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From Business Tax to Value-Added Tax: The Effects of Reform on Chinese Transport Industry Firms

by Haifeng Huang, Tao Wang, Zhichao Zhan

ARTICLE | Australian Accounting Review | Vol. 29, 2019


We study the effects of switching from business tax (BT) to value‐added tax (VAT) on the performance of firms in the Chinese transport industry, in an effort to determine whether the change in policy improves firm performance. We study the effects of this new VAT reform from a theoretical perspective, and test the effects on 49 listed transportation firms using a difference‐in‐differences model. The results indicate that VAT reform has a positive effect on profitability and the growth ability of firms in the transport industry, but no significant effects on the debt‐paying ability and operating capability of firms are found. Furthermore, we propose some suggestions for speeding up the development of transportation firms by replacing BT with VAT.
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