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Factors affecting platform default risk in online peer-to-peer (P2P) lending business: an empirical study using Chinese online P2P platform data

by Yeujun Yoon, Yu Li, Yan Feng*

ARTICLE | Electronic Commerce Research | Vol. 19, 2019


Most previous literatures focus on the micro level default risk of individual borrowers whereas the platform default risk has not been rigorously studied yet. In this paper, we investigate the factors affecting platform default risk by employing the Chinese online P2P platform data. We find significant evidence that severe competition among platforms can increase risky behaviors of platforms by allowing riskier borrowers into the system. Some of the risk management devices
could alleviate the default risk of platforms; however, others are not effective at alleviating the default risks. In addition, we find evidence that macro environment such as stock market condition or increases in speculative investment opportunities plays critical roles to increase the platform default rate. Our study sheds light on the platforms’ default risk issues and verifies key factors that influence their risky behaviors.
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