Jackson Alfredo Collantes Huacon:"We are destined for greatness"
2020-06-10 09:57:08
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Peking University HSBC Business School held its 2020 commencement on June 3 and June 6. International graduate Jackson Alfredo Collantes Huacon offers remarks. 
Good afternoon. Dean Wen Hai, Professors, Staff, Honored Guests, and Fellow Graduates. 
On behalf of the international graduating class of 2020, we would like to express our gratitude for this moment. We appreciate the opportunity to have studied at the Peking University HSBC Business School.
The PHBS Class of 2020, I congratulate you on your graduation. The fact that we are here representing our fellow students despite global circumstances, makes this a very special moment. We all pictured our graduation day very differently. Some of our classmates are not in China and we would like to kindly to remind them that we are here with them in spirit. The current pandemic has shown us how to appreciate the little things and treasure the moments now with our family and friends.
My fellow classmates, we are here at last this important chapter of our lives. We have learned much here, in the tender embrace of this institution.  
The world is now a global village, a village in which each of us has a duty to become the drivers of positive change while we set off on our own paths. Our journeys all intertwined here at PHBS which prepared us to reach new heights. 
While I was drafting this speech, I realized that it was not easy to put into words our last two years spent here at PHBS. We can all agree that it has been challenging in many ways, but also a rewarding, a life-changing experience. 
Studying abroad does not come easy. A different but exciting culture, sights and tastes, and language, are some of challenges that come with the experience. However, despite these challenges, We had the great opportunity to learn from our honorable professors. It has been long hours studying, however, we proved to ourselves how capable we are of taking that extra mile and challenging our own limits. 
People connections
We did not just study; we laughed, created memories, and made lasting friendships. We, the class of 2020, have no doubt that spending most of our time in this beautiful building made this a remarkable experience. It was not just the building itself; it was the people we met. We found our family away from home.
We got the opportunity to travel the world through kind people eager to share their cultures. We learned the flavor and love that goes into Senegalese food, the warmth and amicable nature of Brazilians, the importance of family for Mexicans, the hard-working and perseverance of Serbians, the warmth and welcoming nature of Chinese people.
China and Chinese
China has surprised and amazed us every day. There is always something new to learn, to see, to do, or to try. For some of my Chinese classmates, several aspects of daily life might not seem exciting. But for international students, it was like being in a movie, but without subtitles.
I came to understand that everything is about perception. We may seem different, but we are ultimately all people with the same hopes, feelings and dream for a better future.
As we step out into the world, we have a duty to contribute to global development.  As I see the beaming faces of my fellow classmates, I firmly believe we will become the new leaders and agents of change. It is our moral responsibility.  As Professor Wen Hai said “by joining this global community, we may work together today to meet the challenges of tomorrow.” This is the time.  
To all my fellow classmates joining me today, we are destined for greatness, wherever this life may take you. This is not a goodbye, as we will always carry a shared vision.
I wish the class of 2020 the best in your future endeavors and I hope to see you again in the near future. 
Never forget how proud we should feel of being alumni of the prestigious Peking University.
Thank you.